There is much to be said about the journey that has brought me to this new season of my life, and it will be my great pleasure to share the stories of my long, long journey to #ACEs, homeless, and DID recovery.

My life began in the church house, deteriorated to the “crazy house,” then took a sharp right turn to “Connie’s House!”

God’s Grace Notes is the first profile I created when I was introduced to web development in 2007, and is where I shared the first public disclosure of my diagnosis of DID. (Dissociative Identity Disorder)

I am happy to share this divine reset with you today, so that we can finally begin the conversation that is so desperately needed at this time in our collective history.

Yes, our world is reeling, but I know for a FACT that “Team Jesus” does some of their best work in the darkest corners of turmoil and tragedy!!!

It is with great delight to serve as your host for what I call “The Kataluma Adventure Tour at Connie’s House.”

It is the story of how I have finally found MY place to call home, and share with you my vision for how we can work together to create a place to belong for ALL of us.

Here’s a snapshot of what we will create together:

Kataluma Adventures as a nonprofit corporation that provides education and family restoration resources for those whose lives have been impacted by #ACEs.

Our primary focus is to help create self-healing communities in America, then to all points beyond.

As you can imagine, our dive into these issues will take some time, so I look forward to our upcoming conversations!! THAK YOU for taking the time to visit today. I look forward to chatting with you again soon!!

With much love and many prayers for you and your household,


The Reset of God’s Grace Notes – 2023


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