My word of encouragement from Papa’s heart this morning! is called “Fiery Stones” Hebrews 4:12 He is with us, He is FOR us, He always SEES us… with every breath we take, our minds, bodies, soul, spirit, and hearts are redeemed and continually being  renewed.

The debriding process has been key to my understanding of the process of redemption, but I did not have a word picture for it yet. THIS is the picture that my childhood has been whispering to me for a very long time!!!

I had a major emotional eruption on Thursday morning. I was embarrassed and frustrated,  but I spoke the truth in “hurt.” Voicing the hurt continually releases me from the hurt, 

The beautiful thing about it is, that I was in the company of fellow ambassadors who received my tears  and fiery frustration with great mercy and compassion, AND, did so with out judgement or condemnation. T”HAT is new territory for me, and I am so thankful for the relationships that are helping to usher wholeness into my life. 

About two years ago, I heard the term, “Relational DNA,” for the first time. Today’s artwork is a clear depiction for my relationship to Christ, my beautiful redeemer. 

I love Him so much, and find great comfort in this picture of His constant presence.. “IN ME!!” The hope of His glory!!!

With every breath I take, I am His and He is mine. I believe the day will come when three days will invade the church/body/ecclesia as standard protocol for resurrecting hope and dreams that seem destined to never rise again.

My mind is on His decree that we will do “greater things…” and my hope and prayer is to be a FIERY STONE that He can send into any situation that is crying  out for the presence of our God, our Elohim. 

Can you hear fear trembling??!! LOL There’s a line in a movie that I just love. Speaking of a little child and the monster who has been tormenting her….


Indeed. and AMEN. My internal world has been and is continually cleansed by the FIRE of the HOLY SPIRIT, through the blood of THE LAMB, and the word of my testimony. 

HALLELUAH to the Lamb who has become my LION!!!

Fiery Stones


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