Have you heard the recent invitations for the prodigals to come home?! Papa God is STILL hovering over the road to home, waiting for the return of His family who no longer spends their time under His watchful care.

Everyone needs a place to call home, and we need a place to call our “church home” as much as we need our family homes.

The challenge is… the Millennials fired the church, (and rightfully so!)… Gen Z isn’t interested in church as it once was. NEITHER AM I!!!

I’m a Boomer, and I’m interested in seeing “the church” step up to the windows of the world and let HER voice be heard!!!

Our focus at God’s Grace Notes is to discuss the topic of a place to call…HOME, SWEET CHURCH HOME, and especially for those who have suffered emotional injuries from the churches of their yesteryears.

As I have stated before… it will require many conversations to cover this content, but that process is a slow process due to the fact that I am still engaging in my own emotional healing journey.

I am fully engaged in a weekly psychotherapy session that is emotionally demanding, so the time I spend here with you is my way of processing the insights that are revealed as I continue to grow. Talk therapy is very demanding work, but my goal is to succeed at sharing a weekly scheduled post with you.

I have not been able to accomplish that routine yet, but I know the importance of talking about our mental health, so I intend to succeed at writing a weekly blog post!!!

We have much to discuss, and I appreciate your interest in mental health care for disciples of Jesus Christ.

I’m especially interested in sharing stories about the behavioral health of the church in America as I have experienced it for myself.

Abba, Papa, Father God is anxiously waiting for His wounded sheep and lambs to come “home,” so it is my great delight to highlight the road to recovery that He has constructed in me.

That’s all for now.

I will see you again soon!!


Coming Home


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