STILL Feeling Squirrely About The Need For “Christian” Mental Health Care?

Let’s Crack That Nut!!!

There is currently an invitation being sent forth from the church world, for the “prodigals” to come home. The voice of that invitation is rapidly accelerating and II believe that the hearts of those heralding the invitation seems to be trustworthy and true.

I for one, am SO VERY, VERY HOMESICK FOR CHURCH, BUT… I am leery of returning to what is currently known as “the house of the Lord.” I have experienced some really ugly church behavior due to my mental health diagnosis of DID, so I am leery of returning to church because I REFUSE to return to church as I knew it.


I have grown, changed, and have been healed by my personal, private healing journey with Jesus, and I am NO LONGER FEELING SQUIRRELY ABOUT CHRISTIANITY!!! These are the topics we will be discussing in my newly launched blog at God’s Grace Notes.

I hope you will join me for conversations where iron will sharpen iron, and together, we will reframe the meaning of “Home, Sweet Church Home,” for the entire household of faith. This is going to be fun, and I hope you will join us for the adventure, also known as… Kataluma Adventures at Connie’s House