God's Grace Notes – The Lifetime Adventure of God's Word To "Me!"

Hi there, Connie here!

I’m here to share the stories of my journey through childhood sexual assault, young adult life failures and losses, homelessness, severe mental illness. living life on Social Security Disability, and decades of failure to thrive.

That sounds like an action-packed, fun-filled adventure, doesn’t it?! LOL.. Well, the truth is, it will be!!

My favorite tools for overcoming these challenges are creative writing, crafting, journaling, decorative painting, and diving into the pages of God’s Word to “me.” I’m an artsy educator, so our brainstorming together will take place from the safety and comfort of our favorite family armchairs.

We will also do much of work in projects I share from my art studio, so our venture into Biblical mental health is destined to be a very colorful adventure!

Now that I have learned to take the reins of my thinking lines, I am now equipped to do battle with the relentless assaults that come from the giants of my yesteryears.

You know, the demons of depression, grief, sorrow, loss, death, abandon, rejection, suicidal thinking… pesky little predators who move and stalk relentlessly, with the unfair advantage of stealth mode.


Nothing could be further from the truth! As our journey unfolds, you will discover that joy is our greatest weapon against adversaries of the invisible sort, and together; we will discover the shared firepower that explodes within us as we join forces and learn to speak the truth in love with our fellow Bible voyagers.

My journey to healing from shattered thinking has been filled with years of intense therapy, the nightmarish conditions of mental illness, homelessness, and decades of failure to thrive.

My quest to heal has included long hours of rigorous, painful trauma work and I’m not finished yet, BUT…

I’m not the same person I was when I began my journey to healing from the deep emotional wounds that were inflicted upon my childhood.

The sexual assault I experienced began when I was 4 or 5 years old, and didn’t end until I was 17 years old. Can you imagine the emotional turmoil and deep searing pain associated with the memories of those horrific realities??!

Yes, it was as bad as you imagine it was, and that is the reason I am so fiercely devoted to more fully developing Connie’s House, the business I created to help others who have experienced those same dark atrocities.

Connie’s House is the umbrella for the many aspects of my identity, and is the foundation for my stories and instructional art projects. My hope is to help answer the questions I had when I was first diagnosed with DID, and help shorten the learning curve for others who are trying to make sense of the cloud of chaos that seems to continually brood over our lives.

Connie’s House is also the name I have chosen to use as the new identity that has been forged during my quest for healing.

In case you don’t know, DID is the acronym for Dissociative Identity Disorder, which was formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder. (MPD)

The shattered, fragmented, dissociated mind is a terrifying place to live, but the terror is compounded by the often harsh judgements and opinions of those who are all too willing to tell you what you “should” be doing instead of providing help, hope, and comfort for the complicated mental realities that comprise the life of a “multiple.”



It’s difficult to accept, confront, embrace, and finally overcome the anger and pain of being continually misjudged and invalidated by what feels like assault from people who speak from ignorance, but the constant pressure of fighting for YOUR voice is what forges the resilience you need to overcome the challenges of dissociation!!!

The purpose for my blog is to share the story of God’s Word to “Me,” and show you how my Papa healed my fractured mind and brought me to a place of peace in my relationship with Him.

When I say Papa, I mean Abba, Jehovah, the God of our Biblical patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Like many of my forefathers, my life has been filled with a series of tragedies that had the potential to completely destroy my faith in the goodness of God, but that is why I am so delighted to share the harsh realities of my story with you!

Embracing the rigors of healing from complex trauma has been a long, painful process in my own life, and my goal now is to teach the lessons I learned as a shattered child, FOR anyone who is still living with the injuries of their own shattered, fragmented, terrifying early childhoods.

For those who are still enduring the nightmare of unresolved, complex traumatic memories and injuries, I pray you will find hope, help, comfort, love, validation, and acceptance as you dive into the pages of my stories.

Healing from my own injuries has been the greatest gift of peace from the Father who loves me, and my greatest desire is to share that gift with others who still need the answers I begged for in the early days of my diagnosis.

You are now entering the garden of my soul, where it will be my great delight to introduce you to the plans, purposes, and processes I affectionately call…

“God’s Word To Me.”

I’m delighted you have chosen to visit, and I look forward to seeing you here again soon!

Connie, Clara, and the rest of our Armchair Adventure Team